Brissago Bernese
Brissago Bernese

Never to be forgotten...

"Dolce" CH Ursli Dolce (Dolce)

The queen bee of the house will be greatly missed.  She was the mother of three of our litters and was fabulous in every way. 

"Belle" (April 2006 - Jan 26, 2015) followed in line with past Berners and was a sonderful Therapy dog and companion.

"Briggs" - Sennenhof's Isole de Brissago CD, RN, TDI (Oct 2002-Dec 2009) - Briggs was a heart dog.  He was my second therapy dog and my first dog to show in conformation.  While we never did get his championship, he was very patient while he taught me what to do and what not to do.  We had a blast working together.  He was always so happy to go places with me.  

"Abbey" - Sandusky's Fezziwig V Meipaw CD TDI (Sept 2000 - Feb 2006) - was my first Berner. She introduced me to the world of dogs and a great new group of friends.  I started competing in obedience and eventually therapy dog work.  She had a great spirit and very gentle manner.

Brissago Bernese

Trisha Young-Smith
Rincon, Georgia