Brissago Bernese
Brissago Bernese

Our Past Litters...

A Litter - Belle x Diego


B Litter - Dolce x Tanner (GrCH Blumoon's Tanzenite V Blackrock CD NDD)


We have two lovely girls from this litter.


Brissago's Barefoot in the Park "Emma"

Blackrock Belle of Savannah v Brissago "Belle"

C Litter - Dolce x Eiger


Brissago's Chance of a Dream v Garissa "Odette"

Brissago's Chapel of Westminster "Abbey"

Brissago's Charming Prince "William"

Brissago's Cherish my Love Story "Story"

Brissago's Cherished Dream "Bailey"

Brissago's Classic Case Riley "Riley"

Brissago's Commoners Princess "Kate"

D Litter - Dolce x Aussie


Brissago's D Major "Wolfgang"

Brissago's Dancing in the Dark "Draco"

Brissago's Day Dream Charlee "Charlee"

Brissago's Dog Days are Over "Bohdi"

Brissago's Don't Stop Believing "Cooper"

Brissago's Don't Stop the Party "Poppy"

Brissago's Dreamin Out Loud "Trace"

E Litter born Nov 10, 2016 - Prim x Moose

2 boys and 7 girls 








Brissago's Eastside Dark "Hondo"

Brissago's Ergo Charles of the Pines "Charlie"

Brissago's Eagle When She Flies "Dolly"

Brissago's Easley "Sadie"

Brissago's Emerald Coast "Emma"

Brissago's Emma from the Heart "Emma"

Brissago's Ever the Princess Liliuokalani " 

Lionheart's Don't Count Me Out "Rue"

 Lionhearts  TBD "Effie"

Brissago Bernese

Trisha Young-Smith
Rincon, Georgia